my first alleycat.

given dimos’ reappearance on these forums, and my recent tendencies to throw stones despite living in a glass house, i thought it was timely to re-post this:

YouTube - Melburn Alleycat

that’s me smashing it in a white hoodie through chinatown, and also providing Sime with a soy-sauce fish while Dimos was still complaining about losing his. that’s also Fyxo on a girl’s bike leading the golden greek through melbourne central - he may claim he won, but a few of us still remember him being DQ’ed for having an answer wrong.

You’re a lot faster than you used to be.

a lot smoother too!

Looks like good times.
Funky tunes too.

Might have to dust off the ladies bike for Halloween


That was my first alleycat too!

But I’m not in A-grade now…oh where did I go wrong.

123 ftfy 789

ahh the 80’s were crazy


all of a sudden Killing in the name of doesn’t seem like such a bad song choice…

Did Greg Normal film this…?

how would you know? weren’t you only born, like, five minutes ago?

this wasn’t my first alleycat, but i can’t remember what was i have all the cards though. i didn’t finish this race because it started raining and i crashed on bourke st mall unclipping and then went home

i nearly ate shit due to the rain too.

eventually i came home 4th, but was DQ’ed due to the same wrong answer as andy. stupid spencer st station opening times…

this is where i first brendan. he had essendon footy socks on and we spoke briefly about music and he told me he isn’t that into doom.

i ended up riding damo. i didn’t want to go into the peepshow to get a card so i coerced someone else to do it for me.

i remember seeing some kid eat shit in a big way coming down little bourke.

i ran into the club X on swanston, yelling “where are your business cards?”

the lady behind the counter said, “some guy in a black helmet came and stole them all!”

“oh, that narrows it down,” i replied.

there was another guy there who was also racing. he looked lost. “what the hell are you doing?” i asked. “there aren’t any business cards, and i have to prove i’ve been here. so i’m going to buy a porno. but i can’t decide which one.”

eventually i found some flyers and left him there, still trying to decide.

GOLD! there’s no shame in abandoning an alleycat to make some life choices