My first build - Converted 1960's Speedwell

I switched forks to a 700c. Still using original chain. Runs smooth.

Looks like the opriginal forks were bent too. If I was running new chainring and cog I would run a new chain too. Just my view though.

Yeah the original fork was bent.
I cleaned the chain, and it runs fine.

OMG how did you get inside my house??

What did you do with the orginal bar and stem?

I’ve still got the stem. The Bars are no more.

Here are some of the mad decals. The Top tube decal is sweet to look at

Trusty snake lock. One of the safest locks you can get.

that was an adjustable stem, no?
have you pounced on it already jolan?
could’ve been a sweet classic bike with original stem bars and lugged fork

yeah, i would run a new chain. it might run fine and sound ok, but if the chain has done any decent km’s in its time, it will have little niches and spikes/grooves on the inside of the links, promoting premature wear on your new cranks and rear chain ring.

Personally, i would get a new one. you can get KMC chains reasonably cheap from $15 to $35. each to their own though.

awesome conversion though. looks sweet

I think i used to own this bike. Nice turn out though.