My first fixed gear bicycle (project)

OK i have decided to restore and convert the fisrt ‘real’ bike i ever owned
i got this 27inch apollo III tourer when i was in grade 5 (and i was a short kid)
i blame this bike for any future problems i will have in repordcing

unlike most posts i though id post this as a stage by stage, and show it as it devlops
(and i learn about fixed gear bicycles)

reclaiming the bike
when i upgraded it back in 96 i just discarded it in the back yard (yes i had done the God awfull paint job) then a few years later i resirected it to be used at my mates beach house where it got a puncture and the rear tire desintergated… so it sat there for a few more years.

its taken me 3 months to get it home… but finally it returns… in many pieces

the strip down will begin this weekend…

3 months to get it home…
5 years to finish it? :wink:

Good luck with you project anyway!

Hopefully that salty air hasn’t rusted it too much :expressionless:

she’ll be right though! it always is :wink:

What’s the dealy-o with this project? Is it done?

Holy Thread Mine Batman!!!

Shortly after the OG pic was taken, dude went into an underground car park…end of story??

What’s the dealy-o with this project? Is it done?