my first fixie

where can i get cheap velocity b43 wheels in melb??

Melbourne’s official B43 supplier

do you really need to put b43s on it? i think it looks pretty nice as is, plus the b43s will be a shitload heavier…

when i built up my bike i got gold deep-v’s cause i thought they were cool and i was being a try-hard hipster, but now i kind of regret it and just wish i got open pros or something.

i think it looks pretty nice as is

im backing this…

Also if you plan on keeping the front brake on B43’s aren’t ideal - no machined braking surface and a sloped sidewall so your brake won’t work as it should.

If you still want deep rims have you seen the H+Sons? They’re available machined and you could always mix/match. Search the net. bellsbikeshop on ebay US is a popular one.

Definitely looks fine now though ride it till it breaks.