My First Plastic Bike

I got a good tax refund this year and I thought I’d do something new for a project.

I bought the frameset and a couple of carbon cages to complete the look and the rest of the parts I already had.

Just went out for the first test ride in the ferocious wind and took a couple of snaps to commemorate. It weighs 7.2kg as pictured, which is pretty good I think considering that the wheels (with the tyres, skewers and cog fitted) weigh 2.8kg.

For general duties I’ll probably stick either the Hope/Open Pro wheels on or WI ENO wheels. And it’ll get a Fizik Arione soon too because the 79g carbon SLR is a bit of an arse hatchet after a couple of hours.

Major drool. So good!

can u remove the decals on the wheels? also, black cranks would be awesome…

otherwise, radness.

Well I could, but then they wouldn’t have Cosmic awesomeness. Drivetrain will stay silver mostly because I’ve got some DA cranks to go on, just to shave off a few grams.

But it’s got a problem. The rear brake is basically unusable - the cable is binding somewhere and after spending too long trying to fix it already I’ll probably have to recable it. Internal cabling looks neat but it was a real pain to install.

FSA Energy: stiff, light, black. Takes shimano ext BB cups too.

next level single speed
laps of the boulie next week :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Needs more wheel decals though.

Wots tha fraym? Chinese crabon?

Yeah it’s an open mold frame, not sure which but I think it might be a HongFu FM015.

Nice choice but DA cranks have a major advantage - I already have them.

And I dunno if the FSAs would work with the Exentriker. Although if they work with Shimano BBs there’s a good chance they would.