my first ride

pretty much as i got it from the shop

any suggestions?

i think flat bar is def top of my list right now

Congrats on your first ride.

I’d get some toe clips & straps.

m just riding free atm, one i flip to fixed ill be sure to get some

I’d defo take off the front fork and paint it black.

And also I can’t quite tell, but I think you need to swap your tyres around. Looks like the front tyre is actually the back tyre, and vice versa.

THERE is an eagle eye! Impressive.

how the hell can you tell that?

i didnt notice, maybe you’re right.

I was planning on painting the whole thing black, but ill probebly just procrastinate about it for a few months instead

Is this sort of like asking for a left handed screwdriver?

The bit i love the most is “and vice versa”… thank god! at least fuck cunts dot com says you have one of each. could have been in a real tight spot there.

There’s nothing worse than finding out you have two front tyres on your bike.

How can you tell?

The pattern on the rubber.

Of course, I only knew about this after a friend who worked ata bike shop showed me.

Conti Attacks?

shit stirrer’s

you guys cant be fucking serious right?

we’ve tried. it’s pretty much impossible. expecially when benzy’s around.

Actuallly all you have to do is flip the front wheel and flip the back , if the back is flip flop that is. If the back is only flip and not flip flop ,just take the tyre off and turn it 180 degrees sideways not around because if you turn it around 180 the tread pattern will be the same .

good start to the fixie world