My first SS - Project MBK

G’day all, I rescued this old 80s MBK Super Sprint from bike heaven and revived her. I’ve tried to keep as much as possible original and keep costs down. Rattle canned and polished alloy myself. Just need a 36 hole flip-flop to have original rear rim and she should be done.



I’d love to rescue a bike from bike heaven. Found her in hard refuse? I wish people would discard nicer bikes in the hard refuse in my area. Great job mate.

Wow that is an awesome find mate. Really got lucky with that one. I need to find better places to look :smiley:

wow that rattlecan job looks fokin ace nicely done

cheers for comments lads :wink: I’ll be checking out refuse recovery centre tmoz… I’ve got the bug and wanna start next project :smiley:

that is a very nice paint job :open_mouth:
what brand of paint did you use ?

wow luvin that bar tape with the colour of the frame. killer

cheers again lads :slight_smile: I got the rattle cans from ‘Supercheap Auto’, brand ‘PowerPlus’, 3x Primer, 3x colour ‘Cyan Blue’ and 3x ‘clear’. It gave me about 5 / 6 coats each (with a bit left over for touch ups :smiley: ). Yeah it came up better than I’d expected.
I wasn’t sure on bar tape, but positive feedback has reassured me tnx :wink:

Wow that old holden colour looks so much better on your bike than on the ol’ kingswood. Good stuff DB

Nice work mate, I had the same color on my old bike, Really looks nice in the sun :wink:

Hey B1… ya wanna sell the Kingswood?

cheers fixed27 I wonder what colour I’ll use for next project??? hmmmm :expressionless:

I never realised you could get rattlecans to the quality of a powdercoat, that’s proper bright.

I know what ya mean, went looking on weekend and all there was was a ton of old mtb’s, bmx and ladies bikes… there was one old school ‘ten ton ten speed’ but she was bent :frowning:

I’m loving that blue. Definitely suits it.

Good work. :slight_smile: