My first tubular repair.


after encountering some seriously shit luck the other morning on the wet roads of bondi beach. I managed to cut open a very low mileage tubular on a large shard of glass…

conti compertions are not very cheap, around $70 each on wiggle, so i did a little research into reapiring the dam thing!

turns out it’s not really that much hard work…

a pretty big cut…

peal the backing tape back and cut the thread, then un thread just enough to get at the damaged section of tube and tire. tie off one end!

the cut form the inside!

patch the inner tube like a normal one, if its a latex tube you make a patch out of old latex tube and use patching cement to patch it. happy first time out was a standard butyl tube, while i know how to fix a latex tube i haven’t actually done it…

thanks very much to sprito for these bad boys!!!

also thanks to sprito for the idea about using the above patches for the inside of the tire too!!!
ace idea

does the muther fucker hold air???

now stitch it all back up!! using a carpet needle and the old holes…

i wasn’t that happy with this attempt… when i pumped it up the seam opened up at the end where the stitches weren’t that close or tight…

so i re did it!

inflate the tire a bit and check if it all looks sweet!!!

lots a contact cement on the tire and tape

vola!!! one fixed tubular tire!!

NIce work.

(time I got some new glasses, or some sleep, I saw the thread title and thought it read “my fistula repair”)

haha i’m such a tard!!!

would be nice if you could edit the titles of threads you have started!!!

It might be just a mod/admin function but try clicking Edit Post, then Go Advanced. If it’s not a mod only thing you should be able to edit the title.

QFT and quoted for Jono.

Can you repair my fistula?
Also, nice.

Have you ridden on the repaired tyre yet? Looks like a great job, but the proof will be in the ride I reckon

U haven’t ridden it yet. I glued the cut up last night as well
With a bit of air this morning it looked good
I’ll put it on a rim to stretch it tonight.
If it’s still round at 120psi then I reckon it’s a winner
I will only run it as a rear tire as well…
Going to finish gluing my new veloflex extreme up tonight.

how much do those patches weigh?


thanks for the info, i’ve got a set of tubulars on my track bike and i’ll need to remember this thread if they ever puncture. not as likely as street tubs, but ya never know…

it does… the click through thing says “my fist tublur repair”
but the actuall thread doesnt.


Anthony Muzi (Yellow Jersey) also has a good write up.

Tubular Tire Repair at Yellow Jersey

And for those who have a few to repair and also have a freight forwarding service from the states the peep’s below do a great repair service for quite reasonable money.

tire alert

ok so mounting new tires!!! the repaired conti competition is going into the wardrobe for another day!!

tools needed to glue tubbies!

thanks to Felice at cycling projects for the technique, tire, glue and killer rim cleaner, also sprito for advice and the velox patch kit

glue, solvant cleaner, valve core wrench and beer, italian beer of course same as the tire( not showen, rag, green scotch bright pad and cloth wipes )

remove old tire and carefully spray rim down with cleaner ( don’t get it any where near paint or decals it removes stuff very well…
wipe off glue and solvent with rag, lots of rag…
then scrub down rim bed with green scrubby pad, you need a slightly ruffed up surface for the glue to bond too
check for old glue ( remove it with ya finger nail ) and wipe the whole rim down with cleaning wipes ( baby wipes are cheap and alot of house holds around here already have em. best workshop cleaner ever )
let the rim dry and apply a good coat of glue… first i ran a bead of glue around the wheel and spread it around with a rubber glove on… not the best, the glove gets stuck and you use more glue than you need…
all subsequent gluing were carried out using the tube of cement to smear it around and apply it at the same time… a much better and less messy system. also it’s a good idea to mount the wheel on a frame or a true stand and work around the wheel
let this coat dry for 24 hours! very important that this one is 24hr ( the word of Felice and he would know ) at the same time put the tire of choice on a spare rim and inflate to 120psi for 24hr also ( another tip from master Felice you can use a clincher rim with good rim tape on it )

second coat of glue to the rim and first coat for the tire… trick tip inflate the tire until the base tape rolls out 90 degrees…
leave both for 3-5 hours until glue is dry ( seems a warm room speeds it all up! )

once the second coat and first tire coat are dry to the touch… one more layer of glue on the rim
tip from sprito leave a little either side of the valve un glued so when you remove the tire you don’t run the risk of damaging the valve stem and area

now mount un-inflated tire starting at the valve stem on rim with the wet glue, work the tire on with your thumbs around the rim away from the valve area… once on inflate the tire enough to give it shape and centre the tire… don’t use the base tape as a total guide especially if the tire is hand made it might not be that straight, spin the wheel and check the roll out of the tire on the rim…
once your a happy camper inflate the tire to 80 psi and leave over night to let the glue cure…
inflate to desired pressure in the morning and ride that bitch!!

if we get a few wet days or next week end i might pull the other conti and put the veloflex on the front as well, they are supposed to be the ducks nuts and having the fast grippy tire in the front will improve the ride of the bike the most…
i’ll keep the contis for the rear end once the veloflex wears out…

what sealant are you using?

Effetto cafelatex I got one of their torque wrenches too
It’s the bizz!!

Thread dig.

Where can I get some of that sealant remover? That is what you used to remove old glue right? I tried using acetone to remove some really old hard glue from rims with no luck. Need something stronger!

That stuff I got from cycling projects
But I reckon you could get a cheaper substance from super cheap or bunnings, it’s a gasket remover
That one you spray on and leave it for 5 min then whipe it off… Don’t get it on anything with paint, decals or any thing you like its nasty stuff

Cheers, Will have a look at the auto shop this arvo. Does it wipe off easy or need a scrub? Thanks for the tip about decals, id be pissed if I lost the decals on these rims! Ill cover them with a few layers of tape

Whipes off, you’ll need lots of clean rag