My fixed gear bicycle

I cant see any picture. did you put the link in the post? :?

upload your photos to:

and put the code into the post.

Thank’s verry much :smiley:

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rather …

resize, then …

nice bike.
the old cream and tan combo does it every time for me.

i like the colour scheme…is that a brooks saddle?

Looks sweet, what’s the frame and fork?

Is that a custom colour for the deep v’s ?
besides that, nice colour scheme

i’m real interested in the look of those velocity rims. they meant to resemble wood?

I LOVE IT! :wink: that seat goes so mad with the wheels and looks the part, well done!

Looks like the wheels are made from bricks to me.

thats pretty tight for a road frame!

Nice work

perfect mix of a classic and modern. nicely done :slight_smile:

The colour makes the velocitys look wooden

nice bike mate
contrast well !