my Fixie conversion

hey so i’ve been interested in fixies for a while and thought i better get one but being a student and have no cash i decided to make so heres what happened.

Original donor bike $40 (coles notice board)

striped it off all the shit

bought the 2nd cheapest wheelset, i know bad idea kinda regretting it now, but i didnt want to fork out then have my bike gathering dust.

added front brake (not the good yet)

added some bar tape and some pedal strap thingys

so thats it so far, fell in love and now i want to upgrade everything :smiley:

the first thing i wanna upgrade is the fork and bar, looking around i found these riser bar and fork.

they are a site sponsor and quite cheap and free shipping, would the fork and bar fit my bike? and can give extra info if needed as i mentioned im a noob at this stuff

is this a troll thread? no, maybe not…
That fork won’t fit mate, different sized steerer tube/stem combo. take it to your lbs, ask for a 1 inch THREADED fork.
Rizors will fit.

nice job on your first build pretty much textbook. you can get way cheaper risers than that and same quality just check ebay. the fork you have atm i’m pretty sure is for 27 inch wheels and the one you have linked is 700c so it’d change how the bike rides and looks a bit. i personally wouldn’t bother as i can’t see any benefit; imo the original fork looks better anyway. hope that helps :slight_smile:

ps if you get risers you’re gonna want a different brake lever too, the one you have only works on drops.

also, how long is your stem?
lol, that sounded dirty. So tall!

hey thanks for the replies
i wanna get a fork for bar spins so i need a straight one would my lbs have them?

my stem is about 75mm

Well done on building your first bike. Im happy to be corrected on this, but changing the fork on that frame wont make it barspin-able. Also, doing wheelies and bar-spins etc on old frames is a really good way to break them.



My tip would be, just get out there and enjoy riding it. Once you’ve got some experience and understand what you want/need you can save your pennies and buy a frame that is designed for doing tricks.

^ wow that video brought the lols!

BUT im devastated that the bike was a BMW…thing is i’m off on a big trip round the states and wanting a new frame whilst there…i wanted a Brooklyn.
Also judging on how the front landed on the edge, i suppose i shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions…or should i? (probably wrong thread but if anyone rides/rode a brooklyn get to me asap!)

Also Nike x Tecate dunks…shits real!

@dorange- sweet conversion man, looks like a good commuter, found your risers yet??

give me the old wheels plz

@Rohan i think ill take your advice just get some risers, im using as a commuter anyway, and start saving those pennies

@theunpossible still looking for risers cheapest i can find is around $30 on ebay

@ellepea sorry dont have the wheels dad took them for his bike

what about if i get a mallet 360 is it good enough frame for tricks?

See this thread:

Also, the forum has a search function. Chances are that if you have a question it has been asked before so its worth trying this first. If you cant find what you’re after, then post away.


thanks thats lead me in the right direction :slight_smile: