My Focale 44

Here it is my first fixed gear bike ever.Its an 09 Focale 44 relax complete.Its a 55cm frame and it been great thus far.Had it about 4 months or so.I had to change a couple of things tho.The plastic fantastic seat was first so i got a Fit bike co ECCD baddie for it.Then the stock grips werent for me so some trailboss brown Animal Edwins were the go.Had to run a short mono lever too(gotta keep this thing as BMX as i can).The one piece bar/stem combo is gone now too,in its place is a set of atomlab bars bolted to a Fit topload stem.(the OG bars were way to narrow for me)

The forks are not so tidy anymore.Heres a tip for everybody dont do 180 bunnyhops on any fixed gear bike unless you have some supe strong forks,cause they will twist very easily.

Nice green. Those forks are making like Chubby Checker and doing the twist. Maybe so fbm ones would do the trick.

The twist is lots of fun,you should try it sometime,Im not a millionaire yet so FBM forks are out for now.

Tom you need <a href=“”>THESE</a>

A bit long though

They are top of the list Lewis but Elite dont have any,plus i dont as tet have ant S&M on the fixed yet i do ned some ,the red dragon is almost half S&M haha

Well just get a redneck for the fixed too.

Then put slams on it

GREAT ODENS RAVEN!!! amazing idea.The stem is fit which under some circumstances is still S&M (made in the same factory and owned by Moeller as well as being packaged by a middle aged mexican woman named Juanita haha).

Hang on nah fuck it im going to blow every one on heres mind an build the ultimate in useless persuit bike trends.20 inch forks and front wheel with drops…I win

yeah 110 degree hta!

Felt TK2 for shame.

awww. you two…

get a room, bmx nerds!

:cry: jealous