My GF's black beach style cruiser stolen from Moreland Station 11/11.

Hey all,
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to ever post in this stolen forum but alas my good luck has come to an end.
My girlfriends Bike was stolen last night locked outside of Moreland station in Coburg/Brunswick. She was out after work then when she got back around 12:30am the lock had been cut and the bike gone.

Unfortunatly I dont know the brand (bought it on sale from gold cross) or have any photo of it…but I will try and describe it. Frame is like this fuji below.

It is an all black beach style cruiser frame with a sticker on the head tube. (fairly scratched up on top tube)
It has red 26 inch wheels w/ all black tyres. (front wheel has braking wear, rear wheel has none. tyres were not nobbly)
Front brake only.
Big Tan Seat and grips (leather look). Handle bars have a light surface rust.
Front mudgard only.
Broken left plastic pedal.
Black chain gaurd.
Silver Bell.

Look, this bike wasn’t anything too special, and Ive nearly finished building her proper bike but my girl is shattered. I hadn’t seen another one of these hanging around so i think it would stand out like a sore thumb.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you see it, call me 0412 289 850.

Thanks Everyone.