My Girlfriends Amsterdam Style Step Thru SS

Hey All

I’ve been putting together a step through for my girlfriend’s birthday over the last couple of months. She is a bit tentative about riding, but we had a great time in Amsterdam getting drunk and riding around last year so I thought why not use that as some inspiration for her present.

Frame was a dump found Repco of 70s-80s era which I stripped and had powdercoated in “Primrose”.

I’ve polished and restored many of the original bits and laced a coaster brake to the original rear wheel.

Seat: Avon (vegan leather) - actually brown but the photos don’t really show this as I played with the levels a bit too much!
Tyres: White (eBay)
Basket: Cane Corner in Adelaide

See below for the results, unfortunately I didn’t take any before photos for fear she might see them and ruin the surprise, but suffice to say the bike was a mess before I started so I’m very pleased with how it turned out and she loves it! :stuck_out_tongue:

If she’s not happy with that, time for a new girlfriend!

Concur. If you don’t get any tonight then same advice applies.

You’ll need one of those hip flask bottle cages then!

Very nice result. Three speed? Fixed? S/S?

It’s a coaster brake single speed…

Though I have a sturmey archer hub kicking around at home and I might change it for her, if she gets annoyed with the gearing.