My Guerciotti Columbus Italian Road Campagnolo 60cm

Some self promotion. Selling my Retro Roadbike. in 100% perfect condition

selling for peanuts. If your freaking tall and want a cool bike PM me with an offer

Guerciotti Columbus Italian Road Campagnolo 60cm Restored Vintage Classic Record | eBay

this is nice. i wish i were freaking tall.

I’ve told my tall friends… But alas they are poor.

I wants

And I told all the rich bastards…But alas they are short.

i would easily spend money on this if i weren’t leaving the country.
even then i’m considering buying and taking it with me.

you never know what you’ll find over there though…^

yar…taking 1 and a frame already too…
so it won’t happen.

This is one of those bikes that are nicer in the real world rather than photos. i like it.

I’d love to plant my gooch on this guerc.

I’ve got the track version for sale if someone wants to have a complete set, same blue and everything! 59st 58tt.

Pm for deetz

damn… but if i buy both i actually will have to sell my merckx…

^that’ll be a sad day for you