My Hard rubbish first build/ fixed gear ever

hey. I built this bike a while back but just haven’t been bothered to take photos of it and post it up. but now i am incredibly bored and have nothing better to do.

she is built completly out of parts found in hard rubbish from bayside area in november. It was half an old graecross bike that was worse for wear so i stripped it and built it up from the frame. Topped it off with a $12.95 rattle can paint job. Its about 4 bikes in one.

My whole objective was to try and build a rideable fixed gear bike for quite cheap and this cost me under $100. The most expensive part was getting the rear wheel set up properly because it isn’t a proper fixed gear back wheel. consequently i can’t run a lockring and therefore can’t skid. She rattles while she rolls but thats ok coz i like a girl who makes a bit of noise while she’s busy :mrgreen:

Frame: Graecross
Rims: got no bloody idea
Bars: Cinnelli Criterium
Cranks: Suntour Cyclone
Pedals: Cheapo’s from big W
Chain: some BMX chain
Tires: Cheapo’s of fleabay


Not too shabby for next to nothing. Grandma saddle though.

Chrome forks look good.

Wish I’d done my commuter beater in a metallic paint now. Meh.

thanks man yeah i know about the grandma saddle but like i said i didn’t really spend a whole lot of money on it. just me being cheap ass lol

gee all the chrome looks great. What did you use to clean it up with.

nice job mate, looks clean :slight_smile:

would sure give an industrie f1x1e a run for its money :wink:

@jaseyjase: haha thanks you would like to think so

@dietbp: i cleaned the chrome with some metho spirits and elbow grease. up close the bars are pretty shit coz they are all scratched and chipped from past lives and the forks have marks on them from some dick putting them in a bench vice lol

This seriously looks nice (minus the saddle). Some clips and straps would make it that little bit better, but the clearances look good.

Nice work.

Also, I have a beat up old black Turbo saddle you can have for the cost of postage (~$5) if you’re interested.

@JLN not ZLTN: thanks for the offer man but i am happy with my current seat. It very comfy for the boys and i fing most other seats aren’t lol. but thank anyway. yeah i think i will get some BO strap ons seeing as i am already running BMX pedals lol

hey just an update. the sun was before so i decide to take some more pic to bring out the colour and the chrome. starting to wish that i had clear coated it afterwards though cos the painted starting to chip and deteriorate

also i thought i would try reap the expansive knowledge on this site and ask some questions.

  1. at times my chain sags a little bit and so i have to loosen the backwheel and pull it right back into the drops (i have forward horizontal hence pull it back not jam it in) and then do it up. however it keeps re-happening. should i take another link out of the chain or just do the fucker up heaps tight.

  2. looking at purchasing a new front brake. any suggestions for a brake that will fit over a fat 27 inch tyre?

get some ghetto innertube bar tape on…free and quite compfy

at the moment i am using zinc oxide tape aka medical tape. comfy and absorbs sweat. :smiley:

chuck on your other lever. it’ll make the ride a fair bit comfier having a good place for both your hands, not jsut one. you don’t have to attach it to anything, but it’ll make a world of difference.

Needs a longer brake cable. That way you could, with the addition of some pegs and some wet washing, dry your clothes on the way to work.

But seriously, it looks very comfortable, especially for something pieced from hard rubbish.

he speaks the truth getting outa the saddle with one hood, well its impossible, but with two a much more comfy hand position.

I have actually heard of people wanting too/previously done/mentioning ways of putting two hoods on and actually linking them both to the front break with only one cable. :-o Not sure how they do it, some sort of link thingo. but it would be sick to have both break levers functional, plus, gives it a balanced look instead of just one of them having a cable trail from it :wink:

the bike didn’t come with another lever lol. and if i go buy a new one it will probs be a bmx lever. and yes i know the cable is shit long. i am thinking of cutting it down

Geez its amazing what $100 will get you, that is ace. Must have taken a little bit of time yeah?

^ thanks. it took me about a month to build. the hardest part was finding all the pieces that i needed in the hard rubbish lol :smiley: