…My Hoffy from the 70’s, got the frame with forks ,zeus cranks and record hubs , got them relaced, 3t post, cinelli stem &bar,mks pedal & campag straps from local garage sale.

Right on.
Another Hoff hits the streets.
Check mine here -

I’m looking at getting some repro decals of made up.
Are you interested?

Seen your’s a thousand times,it’s the only one that seems to be on the world wide web. Very interested in the decals, pm me the details .


Is it?

I haven’t done anything about getting them yet. I have a Hoffy road bike that I am going to do a resto on. I’ll send you the details when i do get round to it.
I need to take some pics of the ones I have and then do some illustrator work on them before getting some quotes.

What have you got stamped in the bottom bracket?

Both mine have ‘Hoffy’, the Track frame has a number and the Road frame has ‘Champion’

Complete Hoffy sitting at Ridgways at the moment.
They want $400, but it is not in great condition.

Hey Lat’s, I was going to ask you the same thing, mine is stamped hoffy also. Guess if mine gets stolen I can tell the cops to check your carage .

Has it got a number stamped under it as well?
Don’t bother speaking to the guys at Hoffy bikes in Brisbane. Apparently its been sold a couple of times and well…they weren’t too helpful on the phone when I rang (well, the bloke I spoke to wasn’t).

But (thought comes into mind)…do any of the brissy boys go to that shop or know anyone there that might be able to track down some of the old decals?

Mine does’nt have a number, though I have’nt checked the forks yet. Have already rung Brisbane and it seems they only sell huffy now.

Sounds like they were as helpful to you as they were for me.

Darrell McCulloch used to work for them, so its possible your frame may have been made by him!
Wouldn’t that be nice.

Brissy Boys…Anyone…Help???