my items on eBay

Are we allowed to do this?

oh well here goes:

Giessauf road frame, 57cm, Reynolds 653 steel - eBay Road Bike Frames, Frames, Cycling, Sport. (end time 03-Aug-10 12:10:33 AEST)

Geissauff Australian made 653 steel road frame

Salsa La Raza Road frame, 853 steel, 56cm, Royal Blue - eBay Road Bike Frames, Frames, Cycling, Sport. (end time 03-Aug-10 12:00:33 AEST)

Salsa Taiwanese made 853 steel road frame

Top frame suitable for fixed gear conversion, bottom one suitable for geared arrangement.

  • Joel

You’re allowed to do this. And I’m watching the Salsa intently.

oh you were indeed! It takes 650bs.

Want a pair of 650b aerohead 28h wheels, built on ultegra hubs, Comp spokes, alloy nipples, rear spaced to 135, comes with grand bois cypres tyres, < 1000km use?

  • Joel

edit: it takes 650bs with long reach brakes. It’s designed for 700c. Panic over?

WHAAA! 650B conversion you say? I had other plans for it but I’m PMing you right now!

…and it is a win for blakey!

What’s the plan?

Plan A was 8sp hubgear, STI levers, dyno front wheel, fenders. All weather geared bike.

Plan B is 650B, 2x9 or 2x10, fenders, fast rando style.

another bike? dont you have 2 frames waiting build up already? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, he’s on fire ATM!

3 actually.

I bid, I won, surprise!
650B wheels, double surprise!!

Double rainbow!!

Go Blakey! Ok time to pick up my game…

Bring it!

I’ll have the Hetchins / Concorde rolling in the next few weeks hopefully. Still sourcing a few little bits.

Oh me, oh my, look what arrived today:

Mint 6400STI group, good used 7700 hubset, new seatpost.

DOLZ… (drool out loud)

If you need lessons in shipping a bike, tomacropod is Yoda.

I just received a box via AusPost with a frame, fork and two wheels with tyres. Posted for $16.90.

Much better looking though, and the kid knows it all :wink:

And judging from the frame size, significantly taller.