My Kinfolk.

i dunno how to upload the pict, but here is my kinfolk on the net,

Ryan’s Kinfolk
Ryan`s Kinfolk Complete Build | Kinfolk’s Blog | Hypebeast
Kinfolk: Ryan’s Track Frame (Prolly Is Not Probably)

or add my facebook to see it more clearly,

Ryan Nirwan | Facebook

Kinfolks are the new Bianchi Pista! Just kidding, very nice ride…but get some bar tape.

Seen this getting a lot of love the last few days. Beautiful ride.

2 new Kinfolks on the forum in one month… Pretty Special

lol, thanks guy. i dunno, i sorta like it without bar tapes, im using knog gloves though.

here is another one,

I like my legs without holes in them hence the tradition for plugging the bars.

Yeah I guess there is visual aesthetics to consider but more importantly you have functionality. You should plug those for sure at the very least. I think you could run a nice brown leather tape on those.

Brooks brown leather tape would be ideal, I think it’d really complete the look

This is great, but someone please explain the aesthetics of unwrapped bars…it looks shit and is the equivalent of a businessman without a tie: sloppy.

Totally agree, i just thought thats what he meant by “I sorta like it without bar tapes”

I personally think it would finish it off to put some on.

I thought it was the equivalent of leaving the house without underwear?

If its not on, its not on…

hey, i pull that look off everyday at work. but only cos i’m so far removed from what a normal business person looks like.

but yes, tape dem barz.

hey, all thanks for the input. ill make sure next time i order stuff from japan, i put that on my “have to buy list”… anyone knows how much it cost?

any more input guys? will be totally appreciated, i wanna make this girl looks even nicer…

thanks all…


attn: new kids. stop being dickheads.

This ^

Sort ya shit out and get off the forum.

some twilight zone shit going on here from the twilight generation.

I smell troll.

the ban stick has been unsheathed…

Wait… How many users is this guy?

PS: tape your bars.