My Lager.

It’s an SE Lager that, aside from some MKS toe clips, I’ve ridden around stock (but fixed) for ~18 months. Today I got rid of the rear brake, swapped the bullhorns for a Nitto b258aa, added some oury grips and a Tektro Quartz brake lever.

Not the prettiest or most interesting of bikes, but very functional and I love riding it :slight_smile: Most of my rides are around town but I’m hoping to join you folks on a decent run at some stage in the not too distant future.

Looking forward to seeing you all out and about.

Looks nice… now just go ahead and remove the front one too!

Front wheel looks like a 650c from the camera angle.

I HATE it when people tell others to take off their front brakes!!!

If they want one, so what, none of your business, shut up or gtfo!!!


The older brown lager definitely looks better than the 09 white one (which I have) - and the fact you can pull the decals off is another plus too.

I’m pro choice.

i think the “lose the brake” remark was tongue-in-cheek.

That wasnt exactly my point

[quote="heavymetal "]

Golf clap

I do like these.

If I cant find a frame, I will probably end up buying one of these.

is the front wheel 650c ? or just because the angle?

ps. I would like to ride with brakes, it is useful in critical situation (I m new to fixed gear)