my last build

i had this frame built by aldo from quantum cycles in north perth. it was originally a columbus sl tubed vintage track frame but it got crashed and needed the front half rebuilt. so i got it rebuilt and tailored to my correct size, around abouts a 59.5cm top tube from memmory. i’ve been working stupid hours at my two jobs so i havent had any time whatsoever to ride. now i have a bit of time off so i had a chance to put it together.

i painted it myself, asteroid silver with a very light rainbow flake / 2pack clearcoat. unfortunately my camera cant pick up the sparkles, it looks mint in the sunlight.

the rest of it i put together today, but i leant my pump to a friend so i cant ride it until i get the tyres inflated. the grips will be changed and i might swap to risers if the bars are uncomfortable.

love those bars :slight_smile:

nice mate, we need close ups of the paint job :sunglasses:

ahah im a bit of a shit photographer but i figured out how to do it!

i think you can right click the photo / open it in a new window to see a bigger version of it.

ditched the track drops for risers after one ride. they look rad but thats about it. if anyone wants to buy them they can have em for $35.

nice and subtle, very smooth.

shiny paint job. digging the cleanliness.
a+ on the rear wheel.

cheers lads. she’s almost done now, probably just swap the painted risers for chrome ones and throw on some comfier grips. then no more bike building for me. all done.

thats what we all say :wink:

Dude, is that your missus’ bike d-locked on Hay st? Out the front of MissMaud? gunmetal/black frame, pink oury’s on risers with a pink wheels??

na man she doesnt have coloured rims or ouries ay. doesnt ride it that much i dont think, no longer my missus either

I do like the old drops a bit better, think they somehow suit the aesthetics a bit more… but then again i can see how they wouldn’t be the most comfortable for street riding.

Very nice paint job too, came out a treat.

Would you ever consider finding some red grips to match the front wheel?

i want them cranks :slight_smile:


yeah drozzy red grips would be cool. the ones on now are uncomfy and look shit. the old drops looked the good but i found it painful for my back and pretty hard to skid with them.

remedy, look on ebay you might find a set there for a couple hundred.

thanks for the comments lads.

What are the wheels branded?

Those are some sweet bars > Jealous