My latest bamboo bike - The Samurai

Just finished the polishing last week. Built it up on the weekend.

I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out. Finally got those lugs smooth and a decent clear coat on it with rattle cans.

Still got a lot to learn though. The chainline on this one isn’t great (I didn’t realise many manufacturers offset the BB shell to the left of the frame to improve it) and the weight is still pretty heavy.

Next step is some 3D printed lug shells to wrap carbon over to make life easier!

Nice work!

The carbon layup work is very neat

Your test video on the website is interesting. I guess all being one-offs, you’ve got to test every single frame?

Impressed. Very well finished. Excuse my ignorance but is this a hobby or are you selling?

Nice work Mik, the finish is getting better each bike

It’s turned into a hobby. I did have intentions of making it into a business, but no matter how I crunched the numbers I couldn’t get a viable business model, not to mention the insurance issues with natural products like bamboo.

@familyguy yeah I test every frame for the basic frontal impact test using a dummy fork. if anyone ever brings a bike fatigue testing lab to Melbourne I’d love to use it!

Very good mate, i like it :slight_smile: