Built this Pake up for my girly’s boss.

PAKE 57cm
Roselli 1" carbon road fork
Cane Creek SCR-5 brakes
Cane Creek 200TT levers
Cane Creek S2 1" Headset ( Powder coated White )
Pro FRS stem
Pro FRS post
Pro Condor saddle
Soma Urban Pursuit bars ( powder coated Black )
Lasco 46t 170mm crank set
Roselli 18t cog
KMC 1 1/8" chain ( powder coated White )
Gran Compe 700x23c Tyres
Velocity 120mm sealed hub set ( powder coated White )
DT Stainless Spokes ( Half powder coated White )
Velocity Deep V Glow Polka Dot rims!


i hope those bars were his choice adam :stuck_out_tongue:

mmm, yeah I know…& i cut em down heaps!


how does the powdercoated chain work…? isn’t it all stiff now?


You never fail with the interesting bikes Goose.

bit of lube and mount it up and it cracks back to normal after about two revolutions.

I’ll never understand bull horns, espcially massive ones.


ride 50kms on open roads and dont move your hands around.

flat bars are found wanting very quickly when out of the city.

uh, isn’t that why we have drop bars?

Riding in the drops isn’t particularly comfortable though, it’s more of a sprinting position. Bullhorns effectively give you a brake hood hand position, which is good for longer distances.

riding in the drops is a sprinting or climbing position, yes. but drop bars - especially road drops - give you more potential hand positions than either bullhorns or risers, and would suit the aforementioned situation better than either option.

+1 (I have drops)

i might add that earlier this year me and some other guys rode 1100ks out on the open road, and amongst us sported all of the aforementioned types of bars. and we all did just fine.