My Leader Kagero 2011

Hey All,
Been lurking around here for a few months and finally thought it was time to post my ride!

Its a:
Leader Kagero
SRAM Omnium w/ MKS Urban Pedals
HPlus Son wheelset
Thomson Seat Post & Stem
Selle Concor seat in suede black
Cinelli Bars


Loving it.

Cheers! thanks for adding the pic too!

Looks great! No straps though???

simplicity is king

edit: +1 to the why no straps

This was taken as i just finished the build about 1.5 months ago before any adjustments where made. It now has straps!

Great example of less is more, noice.

Me likey alot.

Nice and simple with well chosen components, looks very purposeful.

love it! always wanted this frame

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Nice bike! I was looking for the 2011 model but couldn’t get any stock in my size so went for the 2013.

How was fitting the Omniums? I know most people run them but I was told that the 2011 model had issues installing them.

I originally had the Miche Advanced Primato Crankset but had pedal clearance issues so went with the omniums. Its a tight fit, but it fits! no spacers either.

I heard a lot of people had trouble with Omniums which is why i went with Miche previously, which was even worse. Took the punt and it worked!