My longest ride so far

Up to now I have been doing 20 to 30 km pootles around the neighbourhood.

I am in my mid sixties and don’t know why I didn’t discover fixies earlier however I went to Leongatha with KBTC on the weekend with the fixie instead of the tourer.

Saturday arvo we did about 20km in the hills between Leongatha and Korumburra and i had to wimp out and walk a couple of hills although I only ride 60 a inch gear.

Sunday we took the rail Trail to Fish Creek, 75km return but fairly level and the fixie performed magnificently.

Trying for a century soon!


Good work man!

I hope to be riding that well in my mid-sixties …

Yes, excellent! Well done Mike.

60 inches is where it’s at!

Good stuff Mike. Who cares if you walked a bit?

If you’re ever up in Melbourne, give us a shout. At the very least it’ll make Steve feel young :wink:

Great effort Mike. I grew up in L.V. (T’gon), I can safely say that the hills out that way would be a challenge for just about anyone on this forum (except maybe Tristan or Steve!).

BTW, Leongatha potatoes are da bomb!