my machine

All right so here’s a new member
that’s my langster 2012 frame
currently running 48-19, but would consider 49-19 or 47-18
shimano iso hub on the back with bolted on cog
I usually run a brake but sometimes I like to take it off
shimano spd pedals
schwalbe durano plus or specialized black belt tires

and yes I’m tall!:slight_smile:

That bike is way to big for you judging by the last pic.

Never thought much of the base model Langster but after seeing one set up nicely I like them.

Where are those photos taken? Looks like Tassie…

the pic makes you look shorter than 6’3.

You know the seat is for your ass not your armpit?

All we’re saying is, there’s no need to lie here. Save that for court!

forgot to mention she’s my gf:rolleyes:

That’s up to you to guess man, use the clues…

close to queenstown nz

i’d dump her. she could have at least held it drive side out for the pic.

Your guess was 1740.28 km from the correct location and gave 2 points