My mate broke my bike

The story:
My friend and I were 20km through a 40km ride. I was on my fuji feather and he was on his carbon felt road bike. We switched halfway, it was his second time on a fixed gear. After only 600m of riding i look back and see him lying in the middle of an intersection.

He’d been following me 30m behind and decided to run a red light, as he was going through he realised the car stopped at the intersection was a copper. Being used to freewheeling he immediately stopped spinning his legs and went for the brake. This somehow kicked his right foot out of the straps and in between the front fork and the wheel, locking the wheel, he then flipped over with the bike still attached and landed heavily on his head and left shoulder. The cops immediately put on their lights and drove over, my mate was thinking shit i’m going to get done for running a red, i was thinking shit i’m going to get done again riding without a helmet(left it at home), instead they just asked if he needed an ambo, when he said he was fine they helped him get his foot out of the forks and left. His specialized helmet was cracked all the way up the left side, almost in two and his shoulder and elbow were pretty banged up, perhaps broken not sure yet

The damage:

The Head tube is at a slight angle, my new cycling underground chainring is bent, crappy bars are bent and the spokes that were against his foot look to have pulled the threads off/bent the rim

The predicament:
Currently i have no bikes running at all, my roadie is missing a back wheel thanks to the same friend haha.
So i’m looking for a new fixed gear bicycle, i’m not too fussy at all, but i wouldn’t mind a lighter aluminium frame. I’d also like to run a front brake

I’m considering the following bikes
[li]Hillbrick Pista[/li][li]Bianchi Pista[/li][li]Masi Speciale[/li][li]maybe even a KHS Flite 100 or Kilo TT[/li][/ul]

any recommendations, cheapest places to buy them? Google search turns up little for online sales of the hillbrick and bianchi, most useful to me so far has been

BUT my sister is travelling through France and Italy, maybe some other countries soon and said she can check in a bike frame with emirates for little cost. I think i briefly read somewhere that track bikes in europe can be found for bargain if so can anyone recommend anywhere for her to look?


  1. make him buy you a new bike locally. Lots of shops are running out '09 models at the moment so if you are looking for a complete factory fixie you might do just as well locally as you would overseas and save your sister some hassle. If there’s anything you can salvage from your old bike you could maybe recoup some extra bucks here or on evil bay

  2. When his shoulder etc is better, sodomise him and kick his dog.

He did immediately offer to compensate me though

Friends dont let friends ride new bikes (feather is only 2010 model right?)

Yeah 2010, had it about 2.5 months now…

Lesson learnt

Goldcross were having sales recently - cheapo fuji tracks from memory.

I would never normally recommend the McDonald’s of the bicycle shop world but sometimes you just want cheap nuggets…

I saw that deal, but i was hoping to get something around the $1000 mark, the feather’s components weren’t the best

oh shit, i have no tips on grabbing a new bike, but fuck! how the shit did he manage to fuck your bike so epicly?


He was probably doing about 20kmh and all that force went straight to the front.

Part i don’t get is how the seat is bent the opposite way

seems like that should not have happened.
Is it still under warranty? try and hit Fuji up for a replacement?

man that sucks.

in the last pic it kind of looks like the bike is drunk.

It was no fault but his own. I’ll try fuji for a new fork but i’m a bit worried about the actual frame having a slight bend. Though I couldn’t even get new axle bolts from them last time

  1. Get new friends.

Note to self: don’t try and do footjams on a fixie!

woo he fucked your bike real good dude…

get him to fix/replace/buy your bike…
tiz only fair

after seeing your mate fuck himself up good I hope you don’t decide to leave your helmet at home again

I’ve got a recommendation for you…


Once again CC comes through with the goods.