My MAY Madness sale -

omr327 | eBay

Road Bars - Deda & Easton
MTB 29er 3T carbon bars
Wheelsets - Road & 29er - New & Used
Aerospokes - New
Cinelli Mash
Titanium Sram Red road bike
Redline SS 29er
Carbon 3T post

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Adam 0414 840 454

Theres some good buy’s in there.

cheap potatoes!

rear spud for commuting? oh snap do want

Was looking at that ti raodie last night… looks like a screaming deal! The bikeradar review reckoned its a rocket but maybe a bit harsher than people would expect. How have you found it? It looks like a HEAP of bike for $2000

Yeah its tops!.
I built it 2 yrs ago for my wifes boss.
Typical 55yr old man rider. He loves the Titanium.
I just built him a Lynsky Helix, Sram Red & Zipp 303’s
and he still compares it to & rates this frameset, even after
forking out 3 times as much.
Its mint condition, & weights 7.6kg.