My new Conversion

light sabre seat post! awesome!

nice build, singlespeed or fixed?

I have been looking around for one for ages
but i can’t find them anywhere.


It’s both. 44/18 free, 44/17 fixed

I wrapped the seatpost in reflective tape. I think it came up really well! :slight_smile:

Arghh my eyes! Ze goggles do nothing.

sure makes up for that stealth black finish on the frame.

it’s just the flash, in normal light the seatpost looks, well, um, normal…

untill i saw the pics I had no idea I was sitting on a light sabre! :mrgreen:

it looks nice but the seatpost is full on

what chainring and crankset is that?

Your just jealous your seatpost doesnt glow like that!

The cranks are shimano 600, the chainring is just a cheapy 1/8 i bought online for $35

the chainring looks like a RH+O

yep, thats the one!

you mean, coz you’re so used to sitting on them that you dont seem
to notice anymore? :wink: