My New Gallery - Photo Updates!

Is coming on a treat - I’ll send you all an invite to the opening night when I get it finished - but for now check out the space and the installation being created by Merda!

Trying to work fulltime and get this baby afloat is bloody hardwork i tell ya…

That piece on the wall looks great.

Mate looks great.

Good project.

Love the photographic easy of the construction process.

Looking forward to catching it when its finished.

Are you going to hang your bike somewhere??

Merda is going to finish it off next week - been amazing assisting him and watching him with the line work…

hahaha - I am hopefully gonna get the bike on the back wall. that is in my plans for sure!

congrats gappy, the space looks great.

last year i sent an email to Merda asking him if he would do a piece on a track disc wheel - unfortunately he didn’t respond!


ahhhh we have something coming up soon that you might be interested in - but with Merda the lad is so crazy busy with work, family and trying to live he turns down lots of requests from people - not because he does not want to do stuff he just does not have the time and his method takes him weeks and months to create something he wants in public.

shame your in germany though as you could have come along and hassled him in the flesh…

very nice.

on the north side of carlisle, between chapel and the library, yeah?

yup between chapel and the library… hopefully this weekend we have her finished!

how convenient - just around the corner! :wink:

come in on the weekend and say hi!

you must be the lad that has road by a few times on ya fixed and checked out my RAP in the window??

updated photos!

looks really great gappy.

one gallery appears, another vanishes - we lost our space this week (www_24seven_org_au) which kind of sucks… :frowning:

i might be able to extract some of our press contacts for you if you want for your list… :slight_smile:


really? bugger.

lookin’ good gappy.

that sucks mate - business development stuff??

you are super welcome to come and chill with us at the new space - make it your second home.

that sucks mate - business development stuff??

you are super welcome to come and chill with us at the new space - make it your second home.[/quote]

The travel time would be a real bitch.

not sure if it is business development or not - one would assume so, however if you’ve seen the space before, you’ll notice it isn’t of much use at all!

i wanted to claim it was being taken away from us to be used as a scooter parking lot (it is attached to a real parking lot) and for the closing show we would have damien hirst ‘float’ a vespa in formaldehyde, ala the shark. but i don’t think the others on the team thought i was amusing… oh well.

if i was in australia, i’d come hang out with you in a flash. if the offer is still open in 2008, i’ll see you there for a beer. maybe you’ll give me a show? :wink: