my new/old bike

Hey all,

I have been riding geared bikes for years, mainly commuting. I just purchased this off Bike exchange.

Buy National Panasonic Fixie Conversion in VIC - BikeExchange

I am into old cars/patina so I dig the paint/lack of paint job on this thing.

The guy I got it off was really helpful and a pretty awesome dude. Thanks Drew. He is on here but not sure of his nic. I think it was obvious to him that I had no clue about fixies and he didn’t try and fleece me. Well he might have but if he did then he did it in a nice way and I will keep thinking that he didn’t :slight_smile:

So I am new to fixies and will be making a few changes to this rig. As I am 100% newb I am going to add a freewheel cog and some brakes. It is cool like it is but I don’t have the skills not to eat shit with it fixed and only front braked :slight_smile:

You’ll be fine with fixed gear man, it just takes a day to get used to it then it becomes habit.

Truefact: I can’t ride anything but fixed whilst drunk. including women and the bus.
There’s just something about fixed gear and booze, they go so well together.

I agree with mr_dylan.
Just bite the bullet and go fixed.
Take the bike out for a get to know you session on some gravel and practice locking up your legs so that you can learn to skid stop.
And learn to skid stop, not just pull mad skidz for the ladies. Big difference.
Unless you’re planning to ride up and down hills for 20km each way every day, don’t put the single speed on.

Hey guys,
Well I am planning on doing my commute on it for a while to get used to it. That’s about 20 km’s each way. My plan was to ride free for a while to get used to it and then once I am not a total punter get my fixie on. Does that sound like a complete pussy of a plan? I think so but cautious is good sometimes.

just go fixed. my first ride was drunk and brakeless on a mates bike, i survived and built my own. Front brake and fixed is fine, nothing like jumping into the deep end.

and the add doesnt work, chuck some pics up!

Add must have been pulled as its sold.
Here is a really shitty pic. I think it is in the sales section. I can’t see in here yet though as I am of the noob variety.

This is my real baby. Been building it for 3 years now. Its a love hate thing but nearly done.

distressed paint is cool!

the mini is cooler!!!

Ive got a couple of mates in Sydney (well they are a couple) who are mini fanatics… his has a celica turbo motor in it and hammers, and she just sold hers, was green with white polka dots ha !!!

looks real tidy mate!!!

Josh and Betty I think? If so its a 4efte motor from a starlet with watanabe’s I think you will find. That car gives me a rager. I liked her old mini but some pricks rolled it on its side one night in a pub carpark. They had a toxic green moke that for a while I would have sold just about anything in the world to own :slight_smile: . They are on a mini forum I hang on. Seem like good people.

Yeah Josh and Emmaline!! Starlet Turbo motor, well there you go!! Not too clues up on minis! Fords on the other hand ha ha!

Any more deetz on the mini? looks badass!

Hey Jr Dacks,
What do you wan’t to know? PM me if you want “the lowdown”