My new red rocket

Finished this recently…

Been working on it whenever home from OS.
It was an old 70’s Carlton frame that I got for free from a mate
with a raleigh head tube badge… same company

filed all the braze ons, sanded and painted it myself with
rattle can “mailbox” red. Most parts original or scavenged
off other bikes except for a replacement UN54 BB
and new wheels.

Got the Miche primato hubs off vee dub here
and got them laced into some NOS araya rims off ebay.
they are the best part of the bike, smooth like butter.
bike is quicker than i expected…

running 42x14 at the moment for the flat around here,
but will reduce that to 42x15 prob next year in Sydney. enjoy

Nice ride :smiley:
The tread on those tires look worn in these photos so you may want to think about replacing them

Nice conversion.


What did you place through the BB before spraying?

quite possibly just a piece of A4 paper rolled up and let to expand within the BB.



Tread on the tires isn’t worn, just muddy. new tires.

It is a piece of newspaper through the bottom bracket to keep the paint out.
Just roll it up and it tries to unroll and holds it to the threads.
Worked pretty well…

Need a new stem for this bike.

Nice work, especially with it being a garage job. How much time and effort went into the spray job? How does it compare to a factory paint job? I am looking at either a home job, or getting an old frame sprayed for about $150.

It took a bit of time and effort to do it well…

sanding the frame (it was slightly rusty) and filing stuff took a little while,
and just being patient when applying layers of primer, paint and then the
clear coats is worth the effort.

You can actually get a pretty even finish.

don’t do it outside if it’s windy, and wear rubber gloves.

It’s not as durable as a prefessional job, and you should be able to get it
done somewhere for less that $100.

It is easy to touch up though. do more clear coats than you think you should.

*less that $150 that is (professionally sprayed)