my new ride.

I was to slow to buy it when it was for sale on here, so picked it up from gear instead.

It’s a Kevin Barlett frame with:

Custom Blue Glitter Paintjob
Stronglight Headset (Needle bearings)
Cinelli Milano 130mm Stem
A toyo titanium flatbar i picked up second hand from the lbs. no idea if it’s any good or not. Does the job though
Campagnolo Seatpost
Gipiemme Saddle
NJS Shimano BB
Dura Ace 165mm Track Cranks
mks pedals with plastic cages.
Dura Ace NJS 15 tooth
Velocity Deep V Wheelset
Veloflex tyres.

Nice, good to see it ended up with someone on the forum. I’ll give you a yell if I see you cruising round. Dam nice bike :smiley:

nice bike man… but i would say drop the yellow seat… it looks a little out of place…

Out of place?! It’s spontaneous!! =D
Nice bike by the way

I like the superman theme!

Glad my bike found a new home in Brisbane :smiley:

It’s a Kevin Bartlett frame

I’m guessing it wasn’t handball’d to you then. :smiley:


It may have been rolled like a Camaro. :lol: