This is my new 26" aluminium MTB Singlespeed I’ve been toying with for a while.
It started life as a Satin Black Giant.
I had it caustic dipped / stripped, and had a mate polish it up like a mirror!
I then had risked getting it Gold anodized at work. Not knowing how it would end up…

Ive had the frame collecting dust for more then 6 months and last week got the shits and finished it off.

Basically its running, Carbon rigid forks, Deore LX hydrulics, 32x14 gearing.
I built the wheels with a 9 speed hub as it was originally going to be my XC bike.
I know have a White Industries ENO s/speed hub to relace into it when I pull my finger out!
I built the same wheels in 700c / 29er version butneed to sort out a tyre size.

I also got a new Aerospoke 26" Front wheel I saved from the scrap heap at work.
I mite fit it up to stir up the kids who hate em’ ( Like Me ) or I might $2 Export paint it Gold or something??

Its quite the wheelstand machine!

Frame:- Giant aluminum
Fork:- Pro Rigid Carbon
Bars/Stem:- Easton O/S 31.8 20mm Riser
Headset:- Cane Creek S8
Brakes:- Deore LX Hydrulic
Cranks:- Truvativ 32x14
Bottom Bracket:- Shimano sealed cartridge
Wheelset:- Velocity VXC
Tyres:- Kenda 26x2.1

Il get some sweet pics another day and update this.
These ones dont really do it justice.

Ive seen this before.

This is awesome :sunglasses:

fucking sexy dude 8-), now fix it :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That frame looks awesome.

You have been busy Goose.

very nice, love to hear how it rides.

hi Goose, could you tell me a little bit more about the caustic dipping of your frame please? thanks

im suprised skippy isnt all over this like a fat kid on cake…

29er style.

Built my 700c Velocity VXC’s to give it a bit better roll now.

Caustic dip is the shit, strips alloy back to bare so you can polish it up or do whatever you want with it.

Sorry Nate I’ve been at work.

dude i posted that like a month ago :stuck_out_tongue:

HA. never saw this thread before. I’m going back to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s porn! – best looking Giant HT I’ve seen for a long time! Good work