My non fixed but F%C#ING amazing Commuter

Pretty happy but are looking around for a Leather saddle and tool roll
Stermy Archer 5 spd with drum brake in the rear
novatec front hub
old school shimano track cranks
and it was only a repco super 10 road bike frame so nothing special before it got powder coated

Dustin van Nek’s Photos | Facebook
Dustin van Nek’s Photos | Facebook

sorry dont want to upload

lol, elmo.
Also, neat as bru.

Have you had a look at Planet X’s new Italian offerings?

How much did that back wheel cost to make, I was thinking about getting an internal geared hub. also why did you chose the Stermy Archer?

i work in a bike store…so what it cost me, isnt really fair but
$90 for the b43
$220 for the hub
$22 coloured nipples
$70 for spokes should about cover it retail…plus the labor
im a stermy archer dealer but now also a sram dealer so thinking about one of them…or if i go all out the Constant variable drive thing you know what im on about