My old bike

Found my old bike in the at my folks. Was replacing cables etc to make it rideable, and couldn’t be bothered running gear cables, so shortened the chain, took off the inner chain ring and deraileurs and hey presto, new single speed!!

Its an old malvern star winner, very small frame from when i was a kid, about 48cm top tube and I think 24" wheels. I chopped the drop bars as well and turned them into bull horns, mainly just to see if the hacksaw would be able to cut them. They’re very small width wise. Brake doesn’t work very well. Haven’t spaced out the cassette, mainly because I don’t know how to get it off and I don’t want to spend any money on it. I’m reasonbly short so can ride it uncomfortably, so it might be my pub/beach bike for now.

I’d be interested in selling it if someone needs a very small frame for a kids fixie, or for a very small gf bike.

Pictures are crap cos I took them on my phone in the dark.