My On-One Frame

My On-One Frame

On-One Track Frame, Fixie | eBay

Please excuse the stars in the other auction came on a frame I bought…

More to come

Why you sell this on one broskizzle?

Found something 10000 times nicer :slight_smile:

good luck with the sale!

Dly found something a little better with nicer decals…

Will post up some info soon…

*AuCtion :wink:

No bids???

Couple of emails about it… No bids

Will sell for $300 buck for any of you Crazy Cats

Someone must want this

$275 anyone

if this wasn’t too big then i probably would buy it dubs, idk why nobody’s on it.

i’ve been thinkin about a street tarck and leavin the hillman at DISC. this caught my eye and i keep lookin at it.

i’ve just written out a list of parts i have that i could put on this though, and it would be kinda doable…maybe.

what size is the seat tube c-c? guessin it’s alloy? how much for the cranks and chain?

not sure how i feel about alloy after dylans’ harsh ride anecdotes…

i dont find alloy that harsh. I find my new steel frame is more bonejarring than my alloy frame with carbon seatpost.

Hey Rolly

Seat tube is about 55 ctc from memory… I will check when I get home

Unfortunetly The cranks and chain are pending…

let me know

Yes is alloy I have never ended up finishing this ride so can’t comment on the ride…

Alloy is fine. It really isn’t that bad.

hmmmm. bb included? any idea of postage to melbourne town?

both my track bikes are alloy, and are fine. carbon forks help though.

i could of course build this up and use it at DISC. stiffer, lighter and i’d be happier leaving it at DISC than the hillman* (i cbf putting the little “” in anymore)

*read, happier having the hillman to showboat around town on… hahaha

So are you buying it Rolly?

i dunno man. got a little budget goin on over here and everything!

got a weekend away at the end of this month, then 5 days at hotham, a $400 bill to pay at ponybikes and a $600 credit card debt…

Nah sorry BB is sold with the cranks…

I reakon arounf $40 to Melbs

wheels are perdect for DISC as well… Additional $150