my open pro just assploded...

was on the rollers 'cause raining. about 10 mins in i feel the ride get a little bumpy and assume i’ve somehow flatted. nek minit there’s a bang, i almost smack into the tv, then this:


holy shit- that’s the rim not the tyre… so quite worn brake tracks??

Get a new bike.

don’t think so. glad it happened on rollers rather than flying down a hill at 35kph!

I’ve seen a Giant branded 29er rim split longitudinally almost the whole way round eyelet to eyelet.

But why that would have happend when you wouldn’t have been braking is weird.

i did watch a doco on aleister crowley last night though. maybe he didn’t appreciate my thinking he was a dicklord.

Probably it.

I’ve learned a new word

how many PSI do you run???

front was somewhere around 95, rear just over 100.

But how many PSY do you run?

Crikey. I hope this isn’t a thing that happens. I run open pros on both my bikes.

one assploded open pro does not make it a “thing that happens”

stick a ruler against the rim on the opposite of the assplode, how wornnn?

It is indeed a thing that happens, just not very often.

one time i was riding with dr j and his blew out. makes a big noise, hey.

Held together by the tyre!

FAAARK i think the front rim on my roadie has something like this just starting to happen, just the diagonal stripes part though, thought the wheel might have been scratched leaning against something, will investigate further before further riding. descended lake mountain on it recently, eeeeeeek.

looks like time for a rim job

EDIT: just to be clear the rim in the pic IS NOT mine, i may be stupid (well i am definitely stupid) but i wouldn’t be riding something like that

Yeah I wouldn’t be riding that.

can you give us some context HAL?