My Polo Bike

Here’s the bike I threw together as a “disposable” bike for playing polo! Given I hadnt played beofre, I didnt want to invest any money in it, so built it from stuff that I had laying around! :slight_smile:

MTB Cranks and chainring,
Suicide hub, Araldited on
Kmart MTB Bar and stem
other misc padding and stuff I had around.

Now that i’ve played however, and had a ball, I’ll definetly be investing some money into it as things break!

Need to re-dish the rear wheel (i just removed the freewheel, and screwed the sprocket on, Chop the bars down, get some proper grips, gear it a bit lower (currently 42 / 18).

on the lookup for a decent rear wheel however, if you got something laying around i’d love to hear from you!

Nice bike - just need some home made disc wheels.

I found my polo bike in the bin - I put it back between games.

yep, will be making a set of those. I got my hands on some double thickness corrugated cardboard. Should work out well