My ride

Ok, here’s my ride:

It’s Lucas’ old Mainline, unknown year.

White Deep-V’s with polished Dia Compe hubs, hand crafted by Dan Shifter.
Kept the brake.
Crusty spoke cards.

Please say hello! :slight_smile:

if you ever wanna sell that saddle, ill take it off yur hans

I actually just got it, apparently Abbortsford Bikes got a whole heap?

Google: Selle Italia 86 Bio Turbo

Don’t quote me though as it’s second hand news.

i got a copy of that exact turbo it but its fading quite a bit so i bin lookin fo one.

Gotcha. If I see any more I’ll let you know man.

Oh man I also need that saddle. My turbo is looking extrememly worse for ware and I need something to match my red frame… Abbotsford you say?

there were heaps in box about a month ago for like 20 bucks each or something not sure if there still there though? i didnt see any when i was there this weekend

not the same saddle turbos have vinyl (leather?) cover. the ones at abbottford have a different pattern and are covered in a spandex lycra type material that soaks in water and rips very easily

Good to know. The turbos are leather by the way.

I just picked up a hilariously fugly orange and blue Rolls Due with the perineum padding from there for $15. Can’t go wrong for that price kids!

Didn’t see too many Turbo’s though, even though that’s what I was after at the time.

My fav. saddle of all time - have 2 yellow ones (one a Bernard Hinault model?) that I ride regularly.

I sold a Kenevens track bike about 10 years ago, heard it ended up in Cairns, saw it about 18 months ago for sale at Ridgeways - except for the white Turbo that was on it when I sold it.

I love the way way you can bury your arse in the saddle in a sprint.

If I come back to my bike and see the saddle missing, I know where to look first!! :evil:

Continuing with the thread hijack. Best Selle Italia IMO.

Got one in storage needing some love. Can definitely bury your arse into one of these in a sprint.