My ride...

Finally got around to taking a few pics of my bike. It now has a new seat that isn’t supposed to be for a child, though…

It’s an UNO Pista NJS frame, Hatta Swan BB & headset, Nitto stem and post, Sugino 75’s, Toshi’s, Aero Mighty ring, DA cog, DID chain, Formula hubs w/Velocity rear and Mavic front rims…whew!

Oh and some $5 risers to top it off :lol:

Hey I rode with you and Aquaman that day to Black Rock. I have the silver Malvern Star.

That’s such a nice looking bike, I can’t belive you considered powdercoating it one day. Keep it as is, It looks so damn good.


Big-W saddles ftw!

You know it! :smiley: