My Ride!


This is my first build, courtesy of the good lads @ The Town Bike Shop in Thornbury.

80s Lawrencia steel road frame (58cm), powdercoated grey
Frost blue Velocity Deep Vs, Velocity hubs
Major Taylor drops
Pake crankset
Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres

Comments/thoughts/opinions welcome!



No pics, read this and have a go. Sounds nice. :smiley:,6959.0.html

Click on the X’s and they will show up Bender.

Or here’s a peeek…

Yeah that’s pretty hot! Love the drops and colour scheme.

I presume you mean Thornbury like North of Melbourne? That will explain the forgiving gear ratio :wink: I’ll keep an eye out…

Ahh yes, I remember seeing this beast hanging up in the window when I dropped by The Town Bike Store on Sunday. Liked the look of it.

nice colourway

What’s wrong with good old “colour”? You must be into fancy sneakers…

PS. you can colour that picture in any colourway you would like.

hot. any colour pastel rim (pretty colours) on any shade(black-grey-white) of frame is always good. get a brooks and matching tape. would be even nicer.

nice job, i like it.

how are the major taylors? not much room on the tops, are they ok in traffic?

Yeah sorry about the pictures, I’m new to this site.
The Major Taylors are really nice. Although there isn’t much room up the top, its comfortable and easy to weave through traffic.
When I have some spare $ down the track, I plan on getting either a Brooks or San Marco Rolls saddle :slight_smile: