My Speedwell Special Sports Project

Here’s my first fg/ss project. An old Speedwell 10 speed from the 70s. Stripped to the frame, got rid of the cottered cranks, brev m cranks and chainring (46t) brev m flip flop wheelset, lanvin 700x23 training tyres, tektro 539 extra long reach brakes.

Does the job so far as a daily commuter. So far so good.



C&C most welcome.

Good to see a first build that doesn’t use those horrible star wheels.

also impressed that you didn’t strip the frame and powdercoat it!

looks the goods.

nice first build!
you should take a few links out of that chain though

ah thanks fellas, yeah I like the old design and plus the paint was still in good nick. Will need to drop a link out of that chain aye.

Might also get some toe clips, and maybe a new seat.

You do know that if you get foot retention it will be incumbent upon you to flip that wheel and ride fixed?

No more piss-farting around, gotta do it sometime! might as well do it with this shitbox and get used to riding fixed before building the masi coltello up.


But yeah that’d be wise, don’t want to have a moment and scratch/dent that baby.

lol cheers mate, gotta remember about retro roadies having a lower BB than track frames. Going to throw some track grips on after a nice stack at new farm park this morning. Drop bars still dug into my legs even though it had plastic bar ends…lucky it wasn’t too deep. lol

pictures or it didn’t happen…