my stuff on ebay, beater cranksets, aerobars, catbon wheel, pedals, chainrings, art

samsbikeshop | eBay

i’m not one for self promotion
I failed art school, i lost my job and ran outta moneys;

but i have a bunch of stuff on ebay

stuf on ebay including these driveline cranks pedals and 44t chainring 165mm

Single Speed 165mm Fixie Track Crankset AND Peddles | eBay

take a look, and feel free to pm me offers at discounted mates rates, ill prob say yes, and pull off ebay just for you guys.


EDIT: reread listing, question answered.

"Samuel Condon, Australian artist
Will be the next world changing artist, like Boyd, Drysdale, Blackman, Whiteley, Picasso, Dali, Banksy, Warhol. "