My stuff: Repco Triple Triangle and BMX

Repco Triple Triangle

Repco Vortex Fixed Gear Bicycle Reynolds 531 Triple Triangle Frame | eBay

Royce Union BMX

Royce Union BMX Old School Tuffs | eBay

Goddam, that’s a nice BIN price! someone jump on it!

bahh cant see ebay at work…

Yep. Need them gone…

$400 for this jase.

reluctantly I am selling my fixed gear bike as it no longer gets used. It has served me very well for the last 5 years and rides like an absolute dream.

Details are are follows:

Repco Vertex Frame 56cm (I am 5’9 and ride the bike comfortably)

Reynolds 531 tubing

Horizontal dropouts converted by Abbotsford Cycles

Chris King Headset

Sugino Cranks

Goldtec hubs laced to Velocity deep V’s

Turbo Saddle (Not Pictured)

Paging Erle!

Buy your old green triple triangle back again!

thought this was erles to begin with? am i mistaken?

And we were just talking about this last week.

Twas erle till about 4 years go.

Yeah I’ll buy it back haha.

I have a problem…


Damn you erle! Youve made 350 bucks off me!!!

Listed on the forum for $350 with a better picture and it doesn’t sell, then $400 on ebay with a blurrycam photo and it’s gone in a moment?

Go figure. Erle shoot me a text when you want to grab it. I’m on holidays til mon if you want me to meet you in the cbd.

0411 035 992

I love Erle.


I didn’t see the thread.

Soooooo, I re purchased this, cool. Driving to work on Friday and a taxi ran into the back of my car which is now a write off, not so cool.

Green fixay is now up for sale again for $400.

Got a few other bits for sale too, will post them in the appropriate section over the next day or so.

Fucking taxis should be illegal.