my track frame

Buy it and be hell sick.

Professionally Redone? That paint/powder looks terrible man. Where did you have it done?

What you can tell that from the photos the guy that done it is a proffesional it sold for $160 it sold for what it’s worth like I’d pay $300 on paint for an unknown frame that will sell for the same price you get what you pay for.
I don’t get some people champagne taste beer pockets it cost me more than that

Ive read that 3 times now and I still can’t make sense of it.

Not trying to attack you, just a bit of feedback. If you put in a bit more effort with photo’s and decription I think the frame would of sold for a bit closer to what its worth. But if you’re happy with the sale price thats cool:)

It’s not an unknown frame, its a McHillman.

Yeah all im saying is that to spend more than a powder coat job is a waste because no one wants to pay for the work you do, a respray in paint would be minimum $150 it sold for $160 does not make sense to pay big $$$ if you wont get it back.
The powder coat job is pretty good its an old frame.
Why do you say it looks terrible i think it looks great for a $160 frame.
If you respray a unknown frame with a good job you will rarely get it back this frame and fork delivered will be about the same price as a visp not posted.

Nah when i got it the guy said it was a colnago haha

This went to a friend of mine, will post up pics when it’s built

Cool ill be boxing it this week end and sending it off monday i hope.