My trick bike. (action pics added!)

It can barspin, because it was built for it.

brakeless…? you hipster. lol

is it fixed? why i didnt think of putting pegs on my fixie i dont know…

roxby, you have the last post in 11 of the threads on here. Trying to get your post count up?
I hope you’re taking the piss (as I am with this topic) with regards to pegs on a fixed gear. I guess I was too subtle in my humour. This is a trick bike. It was built for tricks. Trixies belong at You wouldn’t race a GP bike in the supercross would you? Everytime someone does a backwards circle, god turns a hot girl into a fatty.

And I thought it was just a picture of a BMX.


Ouch! :lol:

What is the go with no brakes? I have tried to get sense out of people about this exact question but have had no coherent answers.

Its not a go at you I am just genuinely interested to hear why you run this instead of a gyro or a long cable?

Its a zen thing.

To run a gyro with a king headset you have to grind things, and this frame has no gyro tabs. I now have a brake on there. I just liked the simplicity of no brake you know? It’s kinda like a fixed gear. In bmx you don’t need brakes for 90% of tricks. Hope that sheds some light.

I know nothing about BMX tricks, but have watched my fair share while waiting for my turn at the bowl. I think tricks like stalls and stuff are harder without a brake to stop you solid, so there’d be more skill required, making it a better/harder trick?

Yes and no, bumnut. Manuals and tyre taps etc are going to be harder without brakes as you have to learn to balance better. I guess it makes you less lazy. I don’t know. I would have thought fixed gear riders of all people would understand the brakeless thing.


What about CHAINLESS bmx! I’ve seen that going on. Chainless riders have skill, but personally I’d like to be able to pedal home when I’m done tricking!

Yeah it is a bike not a scooter after all. I take it you skate? If you ever come to Sydney I have a spare couch, and I live right near a sweet street-ish park.

Best bike on this entire website hands down,but then again i havent posted the red dragon on here yet haha.Rhys the t1 is so freakin rad…And i share your views on the tricks on fixed deal 100%Granted i do dabble in some trickery on the big wheels but hey i cant help it ,been riding the same way for 14 years and you give me any bike i will try to do dumb shite on it…any body got any nice stong forks they want to give me haha,tricks ruin you dainty little fixed gears forks in a flash haha.

Terrible One Barcode ala Garrett Byrnes ftw.

Just putting my opinion out there,but i think Garret is actually jesus!!Or god which ever one is radder at being rad on a little bike haha

Bro, you’re on, not, this isn’t the best bike on here.

Im well aware of this mate,its just a laugh, simmer down now.

those melbourne people, so serious, must be the weather down there.