My very first fixed gear

My new baby, purchased Feb 2010

SE Lager Frame

rubino/soma tyres

soma cages

wellgo pedals

velocity rims

Haven’t ridden it too much since I got it because I live in an extremely hilly area and I have yet to get a front brake but I have taken it on at least 2-3 long rides and am loving the feel of fixed!

good username!


sweet i had a draft for my first bike so a larger is deffinatly a good start, now just get that brake on an keep riding

I had a lager as my first (working) fixie. Felt good.
But now I ride a dodgy conversion and my brother has the lager.
Question, didn’t the bike come with a front brake?

thanks for all the comments, I am in the process of getting a brake, I have 2 out of 3 parts I need (the caliper and the cable, I just need a pinch handbrake handle thingy)

(brendan I know you IRL BTW, it’s Elliott, friend of the seaby crew/pete sheppo etc)

here is another photo from the weekend, me and a few friends rode from melbourne central to Docklands and back up through the DFO area/lonsdale street etc.

angle of the bars and saddle are a bit crazy but won’t take you long to sort that out once you’re riding more.

is the seat a brooks