My work colleagues are soft...

There was a little bit of rain around this morning. With fenders and a thin rain jacket I didn’t need to change any of my clothes or shoes though, so it certainly wasn’t pouring down.

The bike room at work is normally 2/3 full when I get in. This morning I was greeted by this:

I’m interested to hear what people do on a rainy day. And be honest :wink:

I drive, same as I do on a sunny day, but then, there’s no sun until an hour after work starts!

i’m splitting it 50/50 this year.

light rain when i wake up or forecast for no/light rain during day - ride
heavy rain or forecast of heavy rain - drive the whale (to the train station)

For $210 you can make your own sun. :wink:

run… just can’t get enough of running in the rain.

Though I will admit, a riverloop in the morning rain does make for a nice ride - being that there’s rarely another a soul out; there’s no one walking suicidal dogs along corro and all the other usual obstacles (read morons) that one is forced to contend with each morning seem to stay inside/drive or whatever

Well, my car does have pretty bright lights any way.
Which reminds me, I need to go buy some LED parkers.

haha soft

It’s funny when it’s raining and you rock up on your bike and people are in disbelief - What, you rode in this weather??
It’s just fucking rain, and a change of clothes helps

horatio, i heard that one time it was raining so you brought a change of clothes to work but you forgot the shirt so you just walked around the office without a shirt all day. i also heard you made your pecs dance.

I ride. Regardless. I also have good lighting and mudguards.

Also, get some unpatchable innertubes and wrap your racks, that cardboard is looking tatty!

Sounds like that turns you on brendan… :smiley:

My commute is pathetically short though. I have a lot of respect for those that commute 15-20km each way, and in the rain.

I don’t have a car (nor the credentials or skills to use one), so the only alternative to riding in the rain is cramming onto a train full of half wet people - it’s an easy choice really. - Having a shower at work also helps, not sure what I’d do if that wasn’t the case.

I drive. Everyday. But company car/fuel card is a benefit. I would ride if I could, but this job dictates that a car is a must at all times!

Depends on how heavy the rain is. If it’s pissing down when I wake up I’ll get the bus, but if it’s light I’ll ride as normal. My commute’s 65km return, so I only usually do it 3 times a week anyway, I don’t feel bad if I pike cos of bad weather.

I ride. Mainly because I have no car, and getting public transport from Rosanna to Thornbury takes me almost 3 times as long as it does to ride. Anyway, it’s just water. A towel, change of clothes and a hot cup of tea once at work and everything’s peachy.

i always ride. i’m also lucky enough to have showers and changerooms at work though, would probably take the public transport option otherwise, if it was really wet.

Always ride. It’s only a short distance for me <5km and the queues for the bus are ridiculous when it’s raining. Little extra prep before heading out - fenders on and work clothes placed in plastic bags before going into actual bag.

Riding in the rain is fun. You get the chance to break out some awesome skids along the way that look super smooth. I swear I will never own a car.

Yeah, I ride regardless of weather. I have adverse reactions to trams/the people on them. Last Tuesday by the time I got to work my waterproof jacket was deemed useless. It rained so hard that the (usually small) amount of water that comes through around the neck destroyed everything underneath. I also found out that my “splash proof” pants were splash proof, but anything other than a splash would soak right through. Also, my shoes were two buckets of sludge.
I figured I would rock in to work and see one or two other bikes, but no, more people rode that day than any other day so far this year.

Ride every day rain or shine, it’s either that or a 55 minute walk.

I take public transport on wet days mainly because I live near a station, is pretty quick and can’t be bothered lugging spare clothes to work.

It also makes me appreciate cycling so much more!