Hi everyone.

Here are some pics of my singlespeed that I kinda re-did.

It’s an aluminium Avanti Pista frame.
Full carbon Columbus fork.
Carbon bars, post, lever, and carbon FSA 175mm cranks.
Ultegra front brake.

I work for Velocity Wheels in Brisbane, so making them all day has its perks: I built a set of Deep V elvs rims.

They have a reflective film on them which, when hit with headlights or light of some sort (in this case a flash), will give a distinctive reflection/bright shine.

This process is done for us in the USA, but we are looking to do a few sets back here if there is some interest.

I built them into 32h sealed bearing hubs with gold nipples.

It uses a gold chain, 48 x 18 gear & Vredestein 23c tyres, Cane Creek sealed h/set and grips and a braided brake line!

Just finished powdercoating it satin black, to give it more of a stealth look.

It’s very light, fast, cool and sweet-as to ride!

Adam :evil:

Forgot to tell you yesterday (evening ended quite suddenly), very nice indeed.
Have plans to build a new indistructable bike with your wheels and Nathan’s frame/fork as an example, sorry for being a copycat. I like the frame as well. Now I see I need a bike that can have a frontbrake. Back home in flatland no brakes is easy to manage but with these hills. I’m glad I had Dan a couple of meters ahead and that I wasn’t riding in his wheel.
So if I need some wheels I know where to go :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the reflective coat. Depends on the rims. I’d prefer aerohead over deep Vs. Also, the front rim at least would have to be machined for brakes. I could also be interested in getting them for my road bike which sees a lot of night rides out in the country. A lot of my club mates would probably be interested as well.

If there’s any progress on this, let me know and I can forward it on to my club.