Mystery Record Track Bike

Picked this up a couple of days ago. Spent today pulling it apart, cleaning and seeing what I have.

I plan on giving it a re-spray some stage and restoring it to a clean simple ride.

Frame: McBain Record “Sport Record” . Stickers are mainly gone. Anyone have examples of other Records?
Headset: Falcon Tange
Cranks: Sugino Super Mighty
Bars / Stem: No Name/Marking
Peddels: Hung Kuang. Random cages and straps.
Rear Wheelset: Campagnolo Record
Front Wheel: Campagnolo Record
Seat Post: Campagnolo Record in bad condition (not pictured). I want to fix it up before it goes back on.
Saddle: Original Cinelli Unicantor (not pictured)

Whats next: I need to replace the rear cog, lockring, chain and tyres (singles) before i can get it rolling.
After that I’ll look at getting it sprayed and updating a few more parts.

If anyone has anymore info on the frame then let me know.


lubley project bike, should come up a treat! Was this an ebay find?

Beautiful bike!
I like how original it all is- you don’t find many like this anymore…

Are you in Tassie- McBain is a Hobart bike shop/frame builder.

I have a McBain Record too. Beautiful frames. Andy ‘Fyxomatosis’ White used to roll one too.

Nah, it was from another forum.

Horatio: I am located in melbourne and the bike was purchase from Katherine in Northern Territory. So it sounds like the bike has made quite a journey!

Samuel: I have compared it to other Records i have researched but none seem to be exactly like this one.

Pffff… everyone knows that McBain is by an Austrian guy called Ranier Wolfcastle, he lives in Springfield USA these days, can’t remember what state though…

so your the guy he sold it too off BNA :x

that means you wouldve got it for absolute steal :smiley:

good job mate, whats your plans for it? keep it original? street or track?

can we get close ups of the lugs, bb shell, etc please?

Yeah, there seem to be subtle differences in them all. Mine has a slotted bottom bracket and the dropouts are all drilled. And mine has a chrome fork, chrome lugs and chrome rear triangle. But the lugs looks the same, and the fork crown.

Yep. That was me.
But after deliver costs it didnt end up such a bargain :expressionless:
The guy who sold it to me was really great to deal with.

here are some close up pics:

Very nice. Seems to have travelled well. :slight_smile:

You 100% sure its a McBain? Or you just going by what he told you?

I know he was asking around, and i sent some pics which looked pretty similar, not sure if you/he was able to confirm any other way.

cheers jase

Yeah tbh it looks a bit different to the other McBain’s I’ve seen.

Whatever it is it’s very nice.

Nah, I really cant say for sure what it is.
I am just going off the faded stickers on the frame which say “Record” and “Sport Record”.
But i cant say for sure what it is.
The frame gives nothing else away with only simple TT stamped in the BB shell.

Anyone have other opinions as to what it can be?

Yeh, i dont think its a McBain champ, if you look on velospace, theres a couple of McBains up there with fairly differently lugs, i think they’re BCM lugs with the cut outs.

However with campy tips, i think its safe to say its still a quality track bike.

Look forward to see the resto!

cheers jase

nice frame, clean geometry, good looking lugs.

almost there, sand back + new paint (or just a car polish on the paint) + polish on components would come up amazing!

Thats what I thought before I got the bike based on my research. Then i saw the faded stickers on the original paint and I find it hard someone would add the stickers of some little known tasmanian workshop onto the frame.

But then again stranger things have happened.

true that, good luck finding the original maker!

How much did you get the set-up for if you dont mind me asking?? :expressionless: :slight_smile:

A quick scan of the recent post lists shows a pretty concerted effort to get to 25 Lando

I know nothing about identifying frames and I could be an idiot but I searched high and low to find the builder of my road frame (which I once butchered an am now restoring).

Mine has Campag Brev dropouts as yours and had the same imprint on the BB

It turned out to be a Cecil Walker frame built by George MacDonald.
If you know whether they made track frames maybe contact them. They are very helpful and friendly